commercial property investments nixa mo

Ways To Make Money With Commercial Properties

Investing in real estate is a great way to make money.  If done correctly you can make a lot of money quickly, invest wisely and really grow and expand your business to the next level.  For those looking for commercial property investments nixa mo, really finding what fits you best will lead you down the proper path.

commercial property investments nixa mo

Large or small projects

When it comes to commercial property the first thing that you want to consider is if you are going to invest in small or large projects.  For those just starting out and getting their feet wet it is recommended that you start with a small project. 

A small project will be a single building.  It can be gutted and prepared for any type of business that will want to move in.  When gutting a building you want to ensure that you have good bones.  There are no broken or busted pipes and that the new tenants can really take it and make it their own.

A large project would be a strip mall or an office building.  When we work with larger projects on this scale you will handle it the same way as you did with the smaller project but on a larger scale.  With a larger project you simply break it down into as small of a piece as possible and then allow the tenants to make it their own.


With commercial projects you have more protection.  Under the law you are dealing with a totally different entity than a private person.  With a private real estate project, you have to deal with tenant rights, a lengthy eviction process and so much more red tape and headache.  With a commercial project, if the tenant doesn’t pay or if you have a conflict you can simply kick them out.  Of course, you want to check with the laws of your specific state, but in most situations, this is the way it will go.

Commercial property can be a great way to have long term success and a positive cash flow.  The upfront investment might be a little more but if you make the right investments you will have positive cashflow for years to come.