real estate broker license boston

4 Great Ways to Earn Money in Real Estate

Real estate is a lucrative career for anyone who knows about the Boston area, enjoys meeting new people, and ho has a niche for gab. If you want to help make dreams come true, earning a real estate license takes little time and put you on track to earn a nice income. There are several ways to earn money in real estate once you learn your license, including the four ideas below.

1- Property Management

real estate broker license boston

As a property manager, you manage properties for homeowners and investors. You can work for a company or open your own business. The property manager job is tedious sometimes but rewarding at the end of the day. Managers usually earn a commission based on the rental price of the property and manage numerous properties to earn more money.

2- Real Estate Broker

Why not earn your real estate broker license boston and become the boss? Not only are you responsible for daily operations at the office but also the other agents in the office. As a broker you earn commissions from each agent. The money a broker earns is very lucrative to say the least.

3- Agent

An agent is an individual who shows home and properties to renters and buyers. They handle the duties that a seller would have. Agents’ duties vary from one job to the next. Like most other positions, agents earn a commission for their work.

4- Short Sales

A short sale occurs when a person owes more money to the bank on a home than it is currently worth. They also cannot afford to pay the remaining balance. Rather than foreclose on the home, a short sale can take place if the short sale agent can get the bank to negotiate the price.